Juan Cole weighs in on Andrew Breitbart.

I respect Juan Cole immensely. Dr. Cole is a distinguished University of Michigan History Professor and author of several books on the Middle East. Today he characterizes Andrew Breitbart accurately I believe here.

I also have tremendous respect for Peter Hart and Jim Naureckas and all the analysts at FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) and lest you don’t hear enough objective information about Mr. Breitbart today, there are links here, here and here that help explain how Mr. Breitbart duped not only the public but major media outlets as well.

I am also of the opinion that each of our roles in life, no matter how we or others feel about them, are sacred and are all a part of what makes up this world. Hence no rancor just the facts.

One comment

  1. Well I didn’t like Breitbart’s disingenuous tactics one bit, but I don’t really agree with Juan Cole’s position that Breitbart wasn’t a real blogger. That sounds like a version of the “No true Scotsman..” line.

    I think a lot of “bloggers” are more wrapped up promoting their political tribalism than they are with facts, logic, reason and rational discussions.

    I’m not going to dance on Breitbart’s grave, but I’m not going to feign any sadness either. I do feel sorry for his four children who probably spent a lot of time just watching their dad peck away the keyboard ranting about “libtards” and “Obamanations”. Hopefully he occasionally took some time to write something positive and optimistic for them to read later. Lord knows I never saw it if he did.

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